Mom: Home in 5 minutes, hope you’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer

Me: image

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there is nothing i love more than beds

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pros to buying a pizza: pizza

cons to buying a pizza: buying

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Things football causes:


  • tears
  • screaming
  • bellyache
  • headache
  • rolling around the floor
  • anxiety
  • whipping for- and backwards
  • cursing

0/10 would not recommend

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"If you can say Schwarzenegger, you can say Esparza"

- Raúl Esparza on idiots who kept pressuring him to change his name to something less latino. (via magnetic-rose)

Our names are not a burden.

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Fledgling house sparrow



Fledgling house sparrow

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The Sandlot Reunion - July 24th, 2013

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Paper Towns Quotes | Lettering Posters

I am such a sucker for cleverly put words. It’s just fascinating how simple words, when written so elegantly, can bear so much weight. John Green, ladies and gentlemen.

(These are available on Redbubble and Society6)

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harry potter; color analysis

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the uncomfortable eye roll

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